Wedding Dress Styles for Summer 2021

Wedding Dress Styles for Summer 2021

Wedding dress styles change like the seasons. Silhouettes, lengths, sleeves, and even colors vary season to season and year to year. A few classic styles have withstood the test of time, but altogether, the wedding dress forecast for the summer of 2021 looks unique and promising.

daniela collectionIf you are newly engaged or had to postpone a wedding due to the pandemic, use this opportunity to snag a gorgeous wedding gown for your 2021 nuptials. As in 2020, bridal styles show us that there are no longer rules for bridal fashion. No rules means you can wear whatever wedding gown you want, and we are loving it.

Whether you are a lover of traditional styles or prefer something more show-stopping, your personality should shine through in the wedding gown you choose. To give you a little help along the way, we have curated a list of our favorite wedding dress trends for the summer of 2021.

The Roaring ‘20s

After World War I and the Spanish Flu pandemic, the 1920s emerged as a time of exuberance, lavishness, and prosperity. The fashions were no different. 2021 sees a renaissance of 1920s fashions; we see drop waists and sheaths and over-the-top (in a good way!) pearls and crystals. Consider it 2021’s Gatsby moment for luxury in our—eventual—emergence from under the pandemic.

After staying in and working from home and with even the most glamorous fashion lines producing loungewear, people miss the extravagance of parties, and your wedding might be your coming out moment!

For the bride who finds this type of lavishness garish but loves a singular element, rest assured, there is something for you. The summer of 2021 will see the Flapper-style trend in more muted and demure styles.

The best part—if your heart is set on a different style all together, you can choose the ‘20s style for a rehearsal dinner or your bridesmaids, and 1920s-inspired accessories, jewelry, and hairstyles are very of the moment.


AnfisaWe saw different prints last year in wedding fashion, but the summer of 2021 has moved beyond muted botanicals to cheery and playful patterns.

All-over graphic florals, vintage-inspired, and even wedding gowns covered in cats have graced the runways at Bridal Fashion Week.

If you love to make an entrance or have a fun, creative side, this trend is for you. Of course, oversized prints are not for every bride or every venue, for that matter. If you love this idea, at a minimum, try this trend for your wedding shower, bachelorette party, or just the ceremony portion of your wedding day.


Possibly prompted by Princess Diana’s appearance in The Crown’s last installment, capes will make a comeback in the summer of 2021.

Wedding dresses have been in many collections with some material draped from the shoulders. Some look more like a train made from ribbons or an elegant and ethereal superhero’s cape. Whatever you want to call it, we have seen many instances of material gathered at the shoulders.

Capes are versatile and range in length from cathedral to cropped. They are also embellished with jewels and lace and embroidered with colored blooms or drape elegantly in sheer tulle.

Capes compliment any bridal gown, so if you love the trend, you can add one of the many styles of capes to your wedding day attire.

Less is More

luisiana_2Wedding dresses appearing grandiose without any extra accouterments are among the standout styles for the summer of 2021.

Designers moved away from extra lace, beading, and traditional dramatics to clean lines, architectural elements, and impeccable cuts. It is all about showing fine tailoring.

These dresses look great on any bride and are an excellent option for a bride who wants to make a statement but does not like the extra fuss of beading, jewels, or embroidery.

Bare Backs

Elodie_2Bareback wedding dresses have been a bridal favorite for a few seasons, evolving ever so slightly each season.

This season’s incarnation is surprisingly modest, with full frontal coverage. Many long-sleeved frocks surprised viewers with a bareback when the bride turned around.

If you love the bareback style, it has been seen in every iteration—Sleeveless, long-sleeved, spaghetti-strapped, and even in a heavily-boned corset style. There is one for every venue and style under the sun.

Puffed Sleeves

Jackelyn_2As fashion’s obsession with decade-inspired revivals continues, one of the 80s finest is making a comeback.

Puffed sleeves and bold shoulders are some of the hottest trends for the summer of 2021 wedding fashion. Bishop sleeves, shoulder pads, blouson sleeves, and more add drama and flair to otherwise simple wedding gowns.

If you love the look of a bold sleeve but can’t commit, there are detachable options.


CassablancaWedding gowns for the summer of 2021 have certain practicality to them, and the layered dress is no exception.

Brides are considering wearing their gowns for more than one occasion and embracing dresses with more than one purpose. You can wear an extravagant-looking long skirt for your ceremony which can be removed later for the reception. Or perhaps you would love a built-in style train that can be removed for the dance.

Layered add ons vary from knitwear, puffy overskirts, and gown toppers. The choice is yours.

Honorable mentions go to subtle sparkle gowns, bohemian dresses, mini dresses, lots of ruffles, and gowns with giant bows.

Viero Bridal

When you are ready to choose your wedding gown for your summer 2021 wedding, visit Viero Bridal.

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In addition to our Las Vegas boutique, you can meet with one of our bridal consultants at our wedding dress boutiques in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles to choose one of the beautiful gowns from our collections. If you have a vision of your dream bridal gown, you can design your couture gown with us to your unique specifications.

How to Make Your Wedding Photos Even Better

How to Make Your Wedding Photos Even Better

When you embark on your wedding planning journey, you likely have a few ideas in mind. You probably have preferences for date and season, venue, and maybe even the caterer. You may have found a photographer whose work you love and with whom you connect.

When it comes to wedding photos, it is generally assumed that a photographer (with a little input from you) will take photos the same or similar to the ones you saw in their portfolio. Even after hiring them, it may take a little time to sink in that YOU will be the star of the photoshoot!

We would all love to appear natural in a photo but for many of us, as soon as the lens turns in our direction, we don’t know how to pose or where to look! But relax! Take a deep breath! There are plenty of things you can do to ensure that your wedding photos are perfect, despite any awkwardness that you may feel.

Here’s our best advice on how to ensure your wedding photos are the best they can be and serve as a precious reminder of your day for years to come!

Try An Engagement Shoot

Trishna_1An engagement photoshoot before your wedding day can help you take great photos on your wedding day. If you have chosen a photographer that you do not know but admire, it might be beneficial to try a dry run.

You might even want to book an engagement shoot with a photographer you’re considering for your wedding. You will benefit from seeing the results and you will develop a relationship that will come in handy on your wedding day.

Another advantage of an engagement shoot is getting the kinks worked out before your wedding photoshoot. You and your future spouse will be able to determine poses that work for you (and ones that don’t), and you can develop a natural-looking smile- which is harder than it sounds!

Hunt for the Right Location

At your wedding, a decent photographer will take the requisite photos: while you are getting ready, the ceremony, the venue, and more. It would help if you decided on a special location or two as well.

Isabella_1Consider locations unique to your area, your relationship, or you as a person. If you and your spouse enjoy time on the water, photos at the waterside might be in order. Some people are more self-conscious when there are people milling about. If this is the case for you, avoid tourist hotspots, and think of some secluded spots with beautiful surroundings, like a national park or a friend’s private garden. Maybe you live in a historic area with wonderful brick buildings that would provide a stunning backdrop for your wedding gown.

If you are concerned about feeling bashful or awkward, mention this to your photographer. They might already have some wedding photoshoot locations in mind that can provide the result you want while making you feel more comfortable.

Be Discerning With Your Hair Stylist and Makeup Artists

Your wedding day (usually) only happens once, and it is natural to want to look your best.

However, makeup for daily activities like work or nights out is very different from wedding makeup. Bridal hairstyles are usually more extravagant and require more staying power than a regular hairstyle. You need an experienced hairstylist and makeup artist to translate your hair and makeup for wedding photos. They will create a look that translates well in photos.

The amount of time that you spend researching your hairstylist and makeup artist will be worth it when you see how fabulous you look on your wedding day and in your wedding photos.

Check out their social media channels for pictures of brides, or ask to see a portfolio of bridal hair and makeup- and request a trial! You may want some small tweaks to their plan for your hair and makeup that will be impossible on your wedding day.

Additionally, you may want to create a makeup and hair touch up kit with miniature versions of the makeup you decided upon for your trial and hairspray, elastics, or bobby pins for your hair.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep and Relax

Sienna_2There are many benefits to a good night’s sleep the night before your wedding; the ability to stay up longer to enjoy what will be a long day, and sleeping well contributes to a less puffy, more rested face. You will thank yourself when you look back at your photos.

Before having your photos taken, you may benefit from practicing a relaxation technique. Meditation, some music, or even a shot of tequila or a glass of champagne might do the trick. You can even try decompressing with your wedding party and family.

Choose a Photographer That You Trust

As we stated above, taking great photos sometimes depends on your rapport with your wedding photographer. So, if you choose a photographer that you trust and feel comfortable around, you are more likely to let go and act naturally.

It is essential to consider factors other than their photography skills when choosing a wedding photographer. You can begin to correspond and get a sense of how you feel with the photographer from your initial conversations.

Is the photographer reasonably easy to get a hold of? Are they enthusiastic about working with you? You will know your comfort level with the wedding photographer relatively soon after meeting, so keep in mind that you are the best judge of character.

If you get a bad vibe from a potential photographer, find one with which you jive. You might be slightly disappointed to not work with your first choice, but working with someone with whom you have a rapport is vital to producing excellent wedding photos.

Other ways to get to know a photographer: suggest a video conference or a meeting in a park or coffee shop.

Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

Audree_3One of the most important ways to make your wedding photos even better is finding the perfect wedding gown.

Start your search for the perfect wedding dress, making a list, or create a Pinterest board of the dress style you love and setting a wedding gown budget.

Once you have an idea of the type of wedding gown you want, make an appointment at a reputable wedding shop.

Viero Bridal has the best bridal shops in Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. In an elegant wedding gown boutique-like Viero Bridal, the bridal consultants know the wedding dress types that will fit you best. You can even make an appointment to design one of the most affordable couture wedding gowns that hit the mark for both style and elegance.

You will feel beautiful and comfortable in a wedding gown from Viero Bridal, and your wedding photos will reflect that. Remember that the most beautiful wedding photos are created when you are most relaxed, and not worried about how your body looks. With a specially selected wedding gown from Viero Bridal, you will feel comfortable and ready to take on your wedding day—photos and all!

Are you ready to start your journey to the best wedding photos? Call Viero Bridal to make an appointment to find the perfect wedding dress so that you are picture ready!

Custom Made: Get the Dress of Your Dreams

Custom Made: Get the Dress of Your Dreams

Have you ever considered designing your wedding dress? There are many reasons to love couture gowns. A custom-made gown will fit your body perfectly and no one else will have the same dress.

Discerning brides have an idea of what they want in a wedding gown, but the perfect picture in your head can mean disappointment and frustration when you start shopping.

If you have a very specific vision and have not been able to find a solution in a bridal salon, a custom-made wedding dress could be just what you need.

Creating a custom wedding dress with a designer is truly a one of a kind experience! And being a part of the process ensures that your dress will be even more special to you on your big day.

Finding the right dress is a critical part of the wedding planning process and it can add stress if what you want, you are unable to find. But sometimes, there is so much to look for in a dress—fit, comfort, movement, fabric, color, and overall style. If a dress does not tick all of those boxes, it can be hard to fall in love with it. With couture gowns, these ‘must-haves’ can become a reality.

You may have some questions before you jump in to making your custom dress. Here is some key information about the process and some reasons why you should consider a custom gown for your wedding!

The Process

When you prepare for your bridal design consultation, keep track of all of your ideas and your style preferences.

Come prepared to answer pertinent questions like what fabrics do I love? What fabrics do I detest? What style is my favorite? What silhouettes are my favorite? Do I like showing cleavage? Am I looking for a modest gown? Be sure to allow yourself time to brainstorm.

Purchase some bridal magazines, and browse Pinterest. Make sure to save pictures and examples of your favorite styles and bring them to meet your design stylist.

Finding the Fit

MiaA good designer knows how to accentuate your distinctive figure. They also consider this when customizing your gown so it will fit you perfectly. A couture dress means that you are not purchasing a dress off the rack and forcing it to work for you; instead, your designer creates a dress to suit your body.

A fashionable dress doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. Your custom dress will be comfortable throughout the day. There will be no adjusting of straps or taking in or letting out on your wedding day. Your dress will be comfortable from photos to dancing to saying goodnight.

The Perfect Style

NikaWhen you sit down to begin your design process, you are putting your style on paper. Your designer will translate any dream you had—whether inspired by something you saw in a magazine, on Pinterest, or just a vision that you have in your mind.

Your designer will take your ideas and create a wedding dress that matches your taste and ideas. They will ask you about your desired wedding gown: whether you want a slim silhouette, silky fabric, open back, short sleeves, a longer train, deeper neckline, or a unique length.

You will be in charge of the creative process. The designer will create your sketch, present you with fabrics, and arrange for fittings so that your dress fits just right!

Individual Preferences

You are a unique individual, and your wedding dress should be every bit as unique. Your style and silhouette will influence your vision for your perfect wedding dress.

Your bridal gown designer will give you hints for fabrics that will work best with the gown style you are proposing. It is essential to listen to these hints and tricks because these bridal gown designers have created gowns many times and they recognize what looks best on different body types. Your designer will also have a good idea of dress trends and what is being created and designed for other brides, helping you determine what your dress should look like to make you a real stand out.

Custom gowns are a fabulous way to express your individuality and personality but it is important to keep an open mind during the design process. Your designer may have suggestions that get you even closer to your dream dress.

Consider Timing

When you shop from available styles at a wedding dress boutique, you will need to order your dress 9-12 months in advance or risk paying a hefty rush fee, and there is still no guarantee that you will receive the dress in time. This is the last thing you need when planning a wedding.

If planning a couture gown, you should be aware of the design timeline.

VeredianaAt VIERO Bridal, your design timeline looks like this:

  • a 5-6 month process, overall
  • 4-6 weeks to finalize your dress design
  • about 16 weeks for our team to handcraft every detail

Once your dress is ready, you can receive it at one of our boutiques in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, or Las Vegas.

For your convenience, we can also have it shipped directly to you. Your custom gown should fit like a glove. If you need any slight adjustments, visit one of the boutiques mentioned above, and we will alter your dress to perfection. If you can’t make it to a VIERO boutique, we will help you through the alteration process.

VIERO Bridal

Luchiya 1Now that you have chosen to create the dress of your dreams with a custom wedding gown, sit back and relax and let your dress take shape.

VIERO Bridal has experienced design consultants that will see your dress through from your initial ideas to your walk down the aisle on your wedding day. Our couture wedding gowns are available in Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. But if you aren’t in one of those cities, contact us to see how we can help!

The Top Wedding Dress Styles Defined

The Top Wedding Dress Styles Defined

You have found the perfect partner to spend the rest of your life with, and now you need to find the perfect dress for one of the most important days of your life so far!

But where do you even begin? If you are like many brides, you may have heard about different wedding dress styles but the exact silhouette remains a mystery.

Wedding fashions have evolved dramatically over the years but a few silhouettes have remained timeless. To look and feel your best at the wedding, it is important to understand these dress styles and determine what will both fit your vision and flatter your shape.

During your gown shopping appointment at the bridal boutique, your consultant will ask you what type or style of dress you are looking for. You may already have an idea but if you cannot properly describe the style, it might be difficult to find. If you do not make an effort in advance of your appointment, it is possible that you will feel overwhelmed and unable to clarify or make a decision!

The best bridal shops in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and other major cities will have a wide range of options, chosen for you by knowledgeable consultants. Even in smaller cities that may have fewer options in-store, knowing and understanding the dress style you are after can help the consultant narrow down the dress options on hand, order the dress, or even help you work towards plans for a couture wedding gown.

The more you know about dress styles, the more you can contribute to this process!

To that end, we’ve put together this handy wedding dress style guide!

Top Wedding Dress Styles Defined

A-Line Gown

An A-line gown is named for the look of the skirt. It is fitted at the waist and flares from the natural waistline of the bodice toward the hem of the gown. The dress gives the appearance of an uppercase A.

The A-Line gown can be paired with any type of neckline and can fit in with any wedding venue or style. From an intimate backyard to an elegant ballroom, from boho to formal, the A-line is the perfect fit.

An A-Line wedding dress can be made in any type of fabric, so if you have your eye on a certain type of fabric, chances are you will be able to find an A-line gown made from it. Most A-Line gowns sweep the floor, but some tea-length dresses feature an A-line skirt.

This style of gown is ideal for any body type, especially for brides with a larger bust.


This wedding gown style is voluminous and is classically bridal. Imagine your very own Cinderella-at-the-ball moment.

HelenThe skirting on a ballgown style wedding dress is a much larger silhouette than the bodice and is usually achieved by layers of tulle or a crinoline. The dresses are made from fabrics like taffeta, satin, silk, and tulle. The bodice on a ballgown is typically fitted and generally understated so that the full volume skirt is the star of the show. You may see plain, beaded, or lace bodices and varying necklines.

Ballgown wedding dresses can be worn for any style of wedding and can look playful and flirty or elegant and timeless in photos.

This style is great on any body type but works particularly well for brides that need extra support in the bust. The fitted bodice and flowing skirt are great for accentuating curves. This style of wedding gown is romantic and dramatic; perfect for a bride that loves to make a statement.


A mermaid-style wedding gown is one of the most sophisticated and sexy silhouettes available to today’s bride.

This style of gown is very fitted through the bust, waist, and hips, all the way through to the knee (or lower) where it dramatically flares out in stunning style to create a mermaid “tail.” The mermaid gown is one of the most curve-hugging dresses and will either show off your curves or create curves just where you want them most.

The mermaid works perfectly with any neckline, and sleeves may be added. Although a mermaid wedding dress can be modernized, a mermaid style dress works really well for classic weddings with a few additions like lace or other adornments.

These wedding gowns may be made with lace, organza, or any other material you choose. They can be elaborately adorned with beading and pearls, or designed more simply while still creating a stunning look for your wedding day. A mermaid style can make it difficult to walk so they may be more suited to an indoor wedding with level floors.

This style works with any body type, but keep in mind that it is particularly restrictive due to the fitted bodice.


Trumpet style wedding gowns, similar to the mermaid style, are fitted through to the mid-thigh.

CelineTrumpet style wedding gowns have a more gradual flare than a mermaid style, and this gradual flare may make it easier to walk around. A trumpet style bridal gown is great for a bride who wants to keep a sexy silhouette but also wants to dance and move freely.

A trumpet bridal gown is a great option for an outdoor wedding or venue like a barn. As with the mermaid gown, any fabric can be used to create this style and embellishments can be added to make your dress vision come to life.

This style is perfect for anybody.

Fit and flare

This style is similar to the trumpet and mermaid.

DeilaThe fit and flare is one of the most universally flattering fits for wedding wear. Fit and flare can sometimes encompass mermaid and trumpet styles, and is characterized by a fitted body and flared hemline starting at the knee.

This dress style can be created in various fabrics, depending upon your wedding theme. You can choose any style of bodice or bust to wear, and incorporate fashion trends like backless gowns, lace details, and other embellishments.

This style of gown is perfect for showing off your curves but looks great on any body type.


The sheath wedding style is simple and elegant.

This style creates a light silhouette from decolletage to ankle, skimming your body without any defined lines or boning. This style is perfect for any style of wedding, and any venue.

The sheath gown is great for a bride that loves beautiful simplicity and understated elegance. You may find various fabrics used in the creation of a sheath dress, from lace overlays to simple silk. Necklines also vary between strapless, strap, off the shoulder, and more.

Sheath dresses are great on brides with curves because the absence of excess fabric creates a svelte line. This style also works well for brides with an athletic or willowy body type.

Shop with Confidence!

It is important to not limit yourself to one particular style of wedding dress. Come in with an idea in mind, if you can, but try to listen to your bridal consultant’s suggestions as well. If you have an open mind, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Use the information contained within this post to narrow down your dress ideas and attend your first shopping appointment with confidence!

At Viero Bridal, we have knowledgeable and friendly consultants on hand to help you find the style and silhouette that will make you look incredible on your special day.

Visit a Viero Bridal wedding dress boutique in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, or Los Angeles to see our latest designs in person!

Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2021

Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2021

COVID-19 has the world looking- and acting- a little differently. Nevertheless, there are still engagements to be committed and weddings to be celebrated, and there are still beautiful wedding dresses to be worn.

All brides, from the traditional gal to the fashionista, will want to look to current wedding dress trends for inspiration when making their decision.

To help you find the gown that is right for you, we scoured the runways at Bridal Fashion Week to put together this list of the top wedding dress trends for 2021. Here’s what you need to know:

Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2021

Short Dresses

Short does not always mean mini (although we saw some great minis, too!). Short dresses are coming in various lengths, and we are in love!

Designers have created gowns in tea-length, midi, knee-length, and shorter. A short dress is great for an elopement, virtual wedding, casual nuptials, a brunch or cocktail party wedding, or just about any style or theme of wedding that you can imagine.

Short wedding gowns are not only fun and flirty, they often come with a lower price tag.

Short wedding dresses are perfect for a bride with a great pair of gams that does not want to be weighed down by a big wedding gown. Opt for a great pair of shoes to go with your short dress to complete the look.

Already purchased a dress for your wedding but love the idea of a short length wedding dress? Why not consider picking one up to wear to your wedding shower? Or, depending on your wedding budget, you could wear the longer gown to the ceremony and the shorter dress to the reception!

Bishop Sleeves

We know- bishop sleeves are as much a part of the ‘80s as big bangs and neon, but bishop sleeves look very different in the 21st century! Where retro bishop sleeves were all about volume, the modern take is all about romance.

Bishop sleeves are flared at the shoulder and loose to the wrist, with variations in between. Princess Kate wore simple, tasteful bishop sleeves in lace for her 2011 wedding to Prince William. We are still seeing volume, but less turkey leg and more fairy-tale.

If you are still in love with the lace sleeves of 2020 (and why wouldn’t you be?) but are on the lookout for a twist- ask to see some wedding gowns with bishop sleeves. WIth bishop sleeves, your dress will be a show stopper.

And the best part? This look is great on every body type.


For the bride who loves to make a statement, capes and capelets are one of our favorite ways to do it in 2021.

A cape adds a shot of drama to your wedding look, or if you are in need of something a bit more modest or warm, a cape offers coverage for when the weather is cooler. Bridal capes range from light and airy to dramatic and alluring.

This style is presumably inspired by the many brides who have had to move their wedding date, and ended up in a different season- thus, the need for a covering.

If you are a bride with a mind for minimalism, try a sheer silk or tulle cape in lengths from fingertip to train to enhance your look. For the more lavishly dramatic bride, you will love capes in daring colors, with bold embellishments like beads or prints, and elaborate lengths.

Square neckline

A square neckline is, as the name suggests, square at the bust. This neckline is perfect for a bride that wants a modern, edgy look for their wedding day.

This neckline highlights the decolletage, so a square neckline looks great on brides with either large or small busts, as the neckline can offer coverage if needed, and an enhancement if wanted. You may want the neckline cut wider to show off more shoulder, or lower for more edge.

Square necklines of the past were only seen with a thick tank-style strap, but modern bridal gowns with square necklines feature the tank-style, as well as lace, long, or sheer sleeves.

Square neckline dresses look particularly elegant made from fabrics like crepe or silk for structure.

Slip dresses

If you have noticed anything about these wedding dress trends for 2021 this far, it would be a return to styles popular in the ‘90s, and slip dresses are no exception. Slip dresses might prompt childhood memories, but in fact, they are no-fuss, elegant, and timeless.

Perfect for the minimalist bride, slip dresses will hug your figure. They are perfect for any wedding style or venue, even destination weddings. From simple silk with tiny spaghetti straps to satin chic or embellished gowns, you can find something you love in a slip dress.

A perfect addition to a simple slip dress is detachable sleeves or an elaborate topper.

Slip dresses look great on anyone.

Ultra-low back

Dresses with an ultra-low back or backless dresses are for the bride who loves feeling sexy but wants to make a statement at the same time.

Sophisticated and glamorous, backless wedding dresses are a great way to wear a timeless gown but also show some skin. Backless gowns are found in most fabrics and are wonderfully offset with a high neckline. You may choose to leave your bare back as the statement and choose an otherwise simple dress, but you will also have the option of trying gowns with lots of embellishments like beading, lace, embroidery, and sparkles.

Whatever type of dress you choose, a backless gown will leave your wedding guests stunned and unable to take their eyes off of you.


Sparkles have been synonymous with weddings for the last few years, but 2021 sees sparkles as less in your face with more of a subtle turn.

You can choose to have an all-over sparkle with beads or sequins stitched intermittently on your gown or opt for the soft shine of pearls. Subtle shimmer and outright sparkles have been seen on everything from minimalistic wedding gowns to glamorous bridal gowns.

A sparkly gown should be the centerpiece of your wedding outfit, so keep your accessories simple.

Stay Ahead of the Trends with Viero Bridal

Now that you know what’s on-trend, it’s time to get shopping!

There’s no need to visit every wedding dress boutique in New York or spend fruitless hours sorting through the racks at the best bridal shops in Las Vegas. Viero Bridal has everything you are looking for in a wedding gown!

Browse our collections or we can help you get started on a custom design.

Our expert consultants are just waiting to help you find the perfect fit. Book an appointment online to visit one of our flagship locations in Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or New York and we’ll help make your wedding dreams come true!

How to Buy a Couture Dress on a Budget

How to Buy a Couture Dress on a Budget

Beyond question, weddings are expensive. Each item has a cost: flowers, music, officiant, food, and the list goes on and on. These costs can accumulate. Once every cost is factored in, wedding bills can even drive you into debt.

Your wedding gown is one of, if not the, most important part of your wedding plan and budget. It can also be one of the most expensive purchases that you make. If you have not seen an off the rack gown that appeals to you or you have always had a specific idea of the style you want, a couture gown is perfect for you. Purchasing a couture gown means that you get the exact gown you want, but, you need to understand that this level of perfection can come with a hefty price tag.

The amount of money that the average American bride spends on a wedding dress is $1631, but there are many factors that go into this cost.

Undoubtedly, a custom wedding gown can lead to increases in overall wedding costs. This is because a couture dress requires additional time, creativity, and detail in its creation.

If you have your heart set on a couture gown, but economic uncertainty means that you no longer have an unlimited budget, then consider these tips on how to buy a couture wedding dress on a budget.

What to Expect with a Couture Gown

A custom wedding gown is designed for you and will fit your body perfectly.

When a bride purchases a gown picked from a collection, no matter how beautifully made the dress is, there will be some parts of it that will require the work of a tailor in order to achieve a perfect fit. Your couture gown will be the exact color, length, and cut that you choose. You can therefore choose the parts of your physique that you want to highlight or hide.

A couture gown is designed by a wedding gown specialist. With a gown specialist you will be able to discuss the ideas you have for your dress, including the desired materials, length, style, fit, and accents.

If you have saved a photo of a dream dress or perhaps a Pinterest board with your favorite gowns, a design specialist will be able to use those images and make it come to life!

Designing a couture wedding gown takes much longer than purchasing off the rack, so expect this process to take anywhere from 6 to 12 months. Considering that a designer can be booked months in advance, you need to make this decision quick and get the process started early!

Understanding Your Couture Dress Budget

From the initial design phase to your wedding day, you will enjoy the process of the creation of your dream couture gown.

But how can you buy the dress you want while sticking to your budget?

You may have had to reevaluate your budget due to financial constraints or funds needed elsewhere in your wedding budget, but if you still wish to purchase a couture gown, your dreams may be closer than you thought.

Luchiya 1One way to see your wedding gown dreams come true is to skip extra embellishments on the dress. This is not to say that you must have a basic wedding gown, but you may have to forego pearl buttons or swap the material as some materials are much more expensive than others.

Another way to ensure that your wedding gown is within your budget is to make a decision on one ‘must-have’ item. In order to do this, create a wishlist for everything you ideally want in your couture wedding dress (the non-negotiables), and decide what is not as important as your wedding gown design evolves.

Madeline_3If you are unable to compromise on an element of your wedding gown, then you may have to change how that element is used to make it more affordable. For example, a lace overlay could become a lace bodice to save money. Or, full-length sleeves may need to be shortened to fit into the budget.

If you still feel that you need an extra oomph with your wedding gown, remember that you can always add a simple yet elegant piece of jewelry or beautiful accessories.

The cost of alterations is typically included in the cost of your custom gown, so that is one added expense that you can skip when calculating your budget!

How to Trim Your Budget

Valentina_1Similar to your dress must-haves, an essentials wedding list can be helpful for finding added wiggle room in your overall budget. By saving on centerpieces or decorations, you could shift your wedding budget to focus on a couture gown!

Of course, when planning your wedding budget, you should always include non-negotiables that are important to you and your future spouse. However, here are a few ways to reduce your wedding budget (and create more room for your dress!):

  • If you are planning to have an open bar for your guests, consider skipping a signature cocktail option. Or you can split the bar payments with guests, asking them for small payments only.
  • Substitute a flower in your bouquet or table arrangements for something similar, but less expensive. Choosing in-season flowers is another cost-saving option.
  • Try a non-traditional venue for your wedding. Breweries, college campuses, stadiums, and Airbnb rentals are less expensive compared to traditional wedding venues. Outdoor weddings can cut out that hefty venue expense!
  • Skip the party favors, or choose something you can create yourself to give to your guests upon parting.
  • Instead of a sit-down, served dinner, opt for a buffet-style meal, or snacks and hors d’oeuvres.

Choosing one (or more) of these options may cut your overall budget enough to make more room for your wedding gown.

A Couture Gown Designed for You

The pandemic has slowed down everything around us, from delivery dates to the economy. Your wedding budget may have taken a hit, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the couture dress of your dreams.

Hurrem 2Visit one of Viero Bridal’s has flagship boutiques located conveniently across America. As one of the best bridal shops in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, we have a wide range of exclusive, yet affordable, designer dresses.

If you aren’t able to find the dream dress you have envisioned, our Custom Dress Specialists can work with you to create it!

Simply gather inspiration, share it with Viero, review the designs provided, finalize the details, and then pick up your couture wedding gown in Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, or Los Angeles. If you cannot visit one of our boutiques, the dress can be shipped directly to you.

Contact Viero Bridal to design your dream gown at a truly affordable price.

Wedding Dress Trends for Fall 2021

Wedding Dress Trends for Fall 2021

We scoured the looks at Bridal Fashion Week 2020 to bring you the hottest trends for Fall 2021. Get ready for chic and beautiful wedding gown styles that you will love for your fall wedding or beyond!

If you are planning your wedding for fall, envision yourself on your way down the aisle in on-trend styles that range from ethereal gowns with fluttery sleeves to pretty dresses with botanical prints and elegant casual dresses.

Grab a pen and paper and start your favorite wedding gown choices from our list of the hottest fall wedding dress trends for 2021. Read on to see what we have chosen, and how you can style each one to fit your wedding theme.

Wedding Dress Trends for Fall 2021

Ball Gown

FleurAlways the quintessential favorite, the ball gown style wedding dress continues to make its mark in wedding trends for Fall 2021. If you have imagined yourself looking like a princess on your wedding day, this trend is for you.

The ball gown style is so timeless and versatile that it will work with almost any wedding theme and any wedding venue. The ball gown style is show-stopping and works with all body types. This gown style is voluminous, and you can choose to embellish it with elegant jewelry and a sophisticated updo, or go casual, and opt for bare feet on the beach.

Choose from a variety of materials for your dream ball gown look, from satin to chiffon and everything in between, a ball gown style wedding dress will have you looking, and feeling, like a member of the royal family on your wedding day.



We saw dainty and airy floral prints for spring and summer, but, rest assured, fall’s floral prints are boldly different.
Botanical prints arrived on the scene and have made a splash! We have seen large floral prints in vivid, fall colors, as well as 3-D flowers embroidered onto wedding gowns. If you prefer more of a subtle floral motif, pastels are style en vogue. We love seeing floral prints in an outdoor setting, but really, anything goes!

We are seeing floral print wedding gowns in a variety of styles, so, if this look is your dream, you will be able to find one in a style that suits you and your wedding theme.

We were delighted to see that butterflies were added to the mix of botanical prints, adding to the whimsical style of floral print wedding gowns, but if you want just a taste of botanicals, floral earrings are a trendy accessory choice for fall 2021.


Casual weddings are becoming more popular which means a simple wedding dress is a necessity. But, a casual wedding dress is now so much more than a simple sundress. Brides today are able to choose from a variety of casual styles for their big day.

If your wedding is going to be casual and fun, your wedding gown options are plentiful.

Short dresses are very much the rage for modern weddings, and the hemlines are all over the place. Brides can choose from tea-length, ultra-short, or midi length gowns for their wedding day, each style will highlight a different portion of the leg and show off a great pair of shoes!

Wedding gowns with pockets are a great option for a bride that loves convenience. Pocketed dresses are available in almost any style or length, so your options are endless if pockets are on your wishlist.

Suits with pants are now a welcome option for a growing number of brides. Suits and pants offer a different, modern take on wedding attire, and sheer cape style jackets, cigarette pants, and suit jackets that do double duty as a short dress are all the rage for fall weddings. With fall comes colder weather, and simple but elegant pantsuits are a warmer alternative for an outdoor wedding.

A sheath-style wedding gown is a great choice for a bride that wants to stick to a simple silhouette. The same can be said for an a-line or mermaid-style gown, and all three work great in an outdoor setting like a beach or barn.


Fresh for fall 2021, sparkly wedding dresses are making their mark.

Metallics, beading, and sequins on wedding gowns are the ultimate in glamorous wedding style. We have seen sparkling tulle on skirts and semi-precious gems shining from buttoned backs. Choose from hints of sparkle on the bodice to all-over sequins. And these sparkly gowns are available in all wedding dress styles and are appropriate for nearly any theme or venue.

We love a shimmering or sparkling gown around the holiday season, and the embellishments look ultra-chic with the glint of candlelight. We recommend simple accessories with this shimmering style so the dress has a chance to shine. Sparkly wedding gowns are perfect for a bride who wants to make a lasting impression on her guests!


Melanie_2Lingerie-inspired corset bodice dresses may sound like undergarments, but they are anything but. A wedding gown that features an exposed bone corset offers structure and elegance to a bride that is looking for a fashion-forward wedding gown.

The lingerie-inspired corset gown is featured in a variety of gown styles from classic to avant-garde. This offers every bride a wedding dress that fits both their style and personality.


CassablancaTiered skirts and bodices have been a standout on the runways of Bridal Fashion Week. Goodbye garish tiered dresses reminiscent of a wedding cake, and hello fresh and fun layers of tulle!

Don’t be fooled by the layers of fabric, modern tiered wedding dresses can be a surprisingly flattering silhouette, as designers are using pleats to create the tiers rather than extra fabric. For the complete look, keep your jewelry as simple as possible

A tiered wedding gown or skirt is a fun choice for a bride who wants to show a playful side, opting for fun and whimsy, rather than bulky and stiff.

Naked back

catalina collectionDresses with a low or naked back are perfect for a bride who loves to make a statement. Sexy and show-stopping, a backless dress is memorable to everyone at the wedding.

We are particularly fond of lace-detailed, intricately hand-buttoned, and sheer illusion style gowns offered by many designers for Fall 2021. When it comes to the front of the dress, we have seen a variety of styles, from sweetheart neckline to long-sleeved. There truly is an option for every bride.

The naked back style works well in any venue or with any theme and can be worn casually or for a formal wedding.

A bride who chooses a backless wedding dress should consider a hairstyle that showcases the back feature, like an updo or hair that does not cover the entire back. Accessories are unlimited for this wedding gown choice– opt for big and bold or stick with dainty and feminine because either goes!

Viero Bridal

We want to welcome you to visit one of our boutiques to view our collection. Whether you are looking for couture wedding gowns in Chicago or planning to visit all of the best bridal shops in Las Vegas, add Viero Bridal to your list! We offer affordable, chic, and stylish dresses in our flagship stores located in Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.

For a taste of our stunning wedding gown designs, and a look at what is hot for Fall 2021, visit our collection online. If you don’t find the right match, but have a clear idea in mind, explore our custom design service. Get started today by booking an appointment at one of our bridal boutiques! We can’t wait to see just what style of bridal gown you will choose for your Fall 2021 wedding.

Wedding Dress Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding

Wedding Dress Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are growing in popularity, and they are the perfect way to celebrate your nuptials in a natural and unique environment. No longer limited to tea party weddings, outdoor wedding styles vary from ethereal and whimsical to avant-garde and modern, and all points in-between.

Outdoor weddings have changed. The once-standard outdoor ceremony and indoor reception have evolved to couples celebrating the entire wedding outdoors. From getting married on the beach to partying in a vineyard, outdoor weddings provide a beautiful space to celebrate your love with an ideal scenic backdrop for photos.

Once you have decided to celebrate your wedding in the great outdoors, it’s time to dive into the fun part—picking your dress!

Choose a style and theme for your wedding and then check out this list of the best wedding dress ideas to match your outdoor wedding.

Colored gowns

IsabellaFor your outside of the box outdoor wedding, you can further the theme by choosing a colored gown.

Why not match your wedding dress for the season? A beautiful blush dress for a spring wedding would be light and airy, paired with flowers in the same shades of blush, creams, and champagne. A fall wedding may call for a deep, rich color or nude-colored gown. For a summer wedding, modern brides are choosing mint green, baby blue, and emerald green.

Some cultures believe that red symbolizes purity or good luck. Wearing a red dress will guarantee that you stand out against any background, and look great while doing it.

Regardless of the season or the reason, you may choose to wear your favorite color just because. Outdoor weddings are fun and breezy, so why not wear something that makes you feel great?

Short dresses

DaynekShorter dresses are increasing in popularity each year. There are styles for pretty much any bride looking to wear a short gown, ranging from modern and sophisticated to earthy and bohemian (or boho).

Short dresses are great for almost any venue, from afternoon brunch weddings to celebrating in your backyard. They are versatile and perfect for showing off a great set of gams.

If your wedding is going to be celebrated mostly on grass, at the beach, or any organic ground surface, you may want to avoid a dress that is ballroom length. Luckily, there are beautiful wedding gowns of varying lengths for you to explore.

You may opt for a tea-length gown if you are wanting something beautiful with a nod to nostalgia. Tea-length gowns are a little less casual than the traditional shorter length gown, but even the shorter lengths are becoming less casual and more sophisticated and cool.

Bohemian gown

OriA dreamy barnyard wedding or cool lakeside gathering calls for a dreamy boho wedding dress. Of course, any wedding venue can suit a bohemian dress if you style the surroundings to fit the motif.

Bohemian dresses usually have a simple shape but feature unique details like bishop sleeves, lace, and beading. You may choose a form-fitting dress to highlight your silhouette, or wear a sheath or something with an empire waist.

Color-wise, with Bohemian dresses, you will want to stick to neutrals, like ivory and white, nude, or champagne. However, if you prefer a different colored dress, choose what you think is beautiful.

Decorating for a wedding with a boho vibe centers on flower and greenery, with earth tones here and there. The bohemian wedding style is personal to you, and though it is traditionally mason jar bouquets and hay bales, decorating for a bohemian wedding is essentially highlighting the beauty of the outdoors in neutral colors.

Anything goes with boho, as long as it is ethereal.


MagicStrapless wedding dresses are perfect for any type of wedding.

In the heat, strapless wedding dresses will keep you looking elegant and timeless and feeling cool. Strapless dresses will highlight your décolleté, and look lovely with any hairstyle, including an updo—all ways to beat the heat without sacrificing elegance.

Strapless dresses are versatile and as the weather gets cooler, you may wish to add a stole or some other type of shoulder covering.

Backless gown

Elodie_1This style is very on-trend and can be worn in any season, as we have seen backless dresses in both sleeved and sleeveless styles.

Backless gowns are dramatic and sexy. Features can include intricate beadwork, buttons, and exquisite lace.

If you decide on a backless gown for your outdoor wedding, you will want to wear your hair in a style that showcases your back as a feature.

Your own unique style

When choosing your wedding dress, choose what feels right on your body. You will want a dress that makes you look incredible while also helping you feel comfortable while walking down the aisle and dancing the night away.

If you are looking for ideas for your outdoor wedding dress, Viero Bridal has what you need. Whether you are looking for affordable wedding dresses in Chicago or want to visit all of the best bridal shops in Las Vegas, we have enough options for even the most discerning bride.

Visit one of our flagship stores in Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, and Los Angeles, or browse our designs online. Once you find something you like, contact us to book your first appointment.

Tips for Storing and Preserving Your Wedding Gown

Tips for Storing and Preserving Your Wedding Gown

We don’t need to tell you that your wedding gown is an investment, and we will bet that your wedding dress was one of the most expensive and important items that you have ever purchased. After you purchase and pick up your dream dress, you will need to store it properly to ensure that it remains perfect until the wedding day.

Or, what if you want to revisit the dress long after your special day is over? Surely you don’t want a crumpled mess of fabric!

Brides often decide to repurpose their wedding gown in a number of ways, such as a redesign, staging of a “trash the dress” photoshoot, or simply holding on to it with the hopes of passing it on to a child or grandchild.

And what’s more is that today’s brides may have to contend with the COVID-19 pandemic. The perfect wedding dress may arrive on time but brides are forced to postpone their wedding ceremony for an indefinite amount of time, so properly storing your wedding dress is essential.

No matter the reason for storing your wedding dress, you’ll want to do it right!

Here are our top tips for properly storing and preserving your wedding gown:

1. Budget to have your dress preserved

As you know, the dress shopping experience requires a budget. Whether you’re in the midwest looking for affordable wedding dresses in Chicago or have decided on a splashy tour of the best bridal shops in Las Vegas, a budget is essential.

But, have you saved room in that budget for preserving your dress? Make room by adding an additional $200-$1000 for keeping your gown pristine.

2. Take care of your dress before your wedding day

If you have your dress well before the wedding date or are really serious about preserving your wedding dress long term, take extra measures to care for your dress before you even wear it!

  • Always transport your wedding dress in a garment bag, usually provided by your bridal boutique. Avoid dragging your wedding dress when it is out of the garment bag.
  • While spills caused by others can be hard to avoid, prior to and during your wedding, take great care to avoid food spills, drink spills, and any flowers in your bouquet that may lead to staining.
  • When sitting for hair and makeup applications, wear something other than your wedding dress so that any spilling or dropping of makeup or hair products do not touch your dress.

3. Take care of your dress after your wedding

Once the wedding festivities are over, it may be tempting to just flop onto a bed in exhaustion.

But, proper wedding dress storage starts right away.

When changing out of your dress, be sure to hang it properly or lay it on a flat surface like a large table.

The morning after your wedding, (or the night of if you aren’t too tired!) place your wedding dress in your garment bag for safe transportation. This will keep it free of dust and debris until you are ready to have your gown professionally cleaned and preserved.

4. Do not take your wedding dress for standard dry cleaning

It may seem logical that a dry cleaner could provide the proper cleaning for your gown but this is not really the case. It is best to take your dress to a specialist that can assess the fabric, stitching, and overall composition of your garment to ensure that the right cleaning method is used.

You may have noticed that some dry cleaners do provide a wedding dress cleaning service, but it is important to understand the process that is used prior to trusting them with your wedding gown.

A cleaner should ensure the following:

  • Cleaning is done with a pure solvent rather than a recycled solvent that might stain a gown, leaving it looking greyed, grimy, and smelling foul
  • No damage to the dress will occur in the process of cleaning, and full responsibility is taken by the cleaner to provide full replacement cost should anything happen during the cleaning or preservation process
  • They will look for and treat invisible stains that can become visible with time and heat. Things like drips and drops from a dessert or white wine contain sugar that can become yellow or brown stains as time goes by
  • A guaranteed time that your dress will remain preserved in optimal conditions

5. Maintain the preservation method carefully

Keeping your wedding dress in a garment bag is a cheaper option for storage, but it will not ensure that your wedding dress is free from the effects of aging. Proper preservation can protect from these effects.

There are three common options for preserving your wedding dress:

  • Sealed: If you choose a company to preserve your wedding dress, you will want to ensure that the company uses a preservation box. The box will be completely sealed, with oxygen removed and replaced with nitrogen. This process will prevent aging due to oxidation.
  • Bag: Your dress will be preserved hanging on a padded hanger, with reinforcements from twill tape to prevent sagging in the hung areas, and placed in a cotton bag.
  • Boxed: Similar to the sealing method, your dress will be placed in an acid-free box, with acid-free, colorless tissue paper used while folding to discourage permanent creases in the dress. The box is not sealed, so it can be opened at will.

6.Store your dress

After your dress has been cleaned and preserved, choosing a good spot to store it is essential to protecting your investment.

For best results, store your wedding gown in a dark, cool place away from direct sunlight. This will keep your dress from yellowing, and protect it for years to come. Avoid storing the dress in a basement or attic that might be susceptible to common elemental disasters and water damage.

It is never too late to preserve your dress

If you don’t have a preservation plan in place immediately following your wedding, it’s understandable. You’re happy and blissed out and ready to settle into life with your love.

If this is your reality and you just never really got around to preserving your dress, it doesn’t hurt to take your gown to a wedding cleaning specialist to ask about preservation.

Your dress has some stains or some aging spots and it may be more costly to remove them, but a reputable cleaning company will let you know if it is possible.

If you have questions about which cleaning companies are reputable when it comes to gown preservation, ask your wedding consultant or someone from the bridal boutique when you are dress shopping or even after you have made your purchase. The best wedding gown boutiques will have a list of companies that they recommend and with whom they frequently work.

Let Viero Bridal help you choose your wedding gown and answer all of your questions related to dresses, style trends, fit, and preservation. We have flagship boutiques located in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, each providing exceptional service and affordable couture gowns for every bride.

Wedding Dress Shopping: What to Do and When

Wedding Dress Shopping: What to Do and When

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding! However, shopping for a wedding dress is not like shopping for any other type of clothing. Without proper consideration and strategizing, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the process.

You may be a bride with a clear aesthetic in mfind, or you may be a bride that has no idea where to even start. The struggle is real, and factor in potential COVID-19 delays and it all becomes that much more complicated.

To help demystify the process and ensure that you have enough time to find the style and fit of your dreams, we’ve put together this dress shopping guide.

This guide will cover everything from your very first bridal shop appointment to the final fitting and pick up.

Here is everything you need to be prepared for purchasing your dream dress and having a stress-free wedding day!

1. A year from your wedding date

The first item on your wedding agenda should be setting your budget.

A budget allows you to see how much money you can spend on each item. This means planning out costs associated with your dress, the guest list, meals, entertainment, and venue.  When calculating the dress portion of your budget, do not forget to include or leave room for accessories, shoes, jewelry, taxes, multiple alterations, and shipping costs if needed.

Once you set your budget, you can begin to think about the theme and style of your wedding which will influence your dress choices. For example, if you are planning a boho wedding, a glamorous princess-style gown will look out of place.

While it isn’t necessary to have an exact dress in mind, it is a good idea to have a general idea of what you are looking for. Look at Pinterest, bridal magazines, celebrity weddings, and dress designer websites for inspiration.

When looking for inspiration, try to keep an open mind. Your bridal consultant may have some suggestions that you didn’t expect. Trust their experience and trust the process. At the very least, try on the dress! You may be pleasantly surprised.

Book your appointment

Typically, we recommend booking your appointment 10 to 12 months before your wedding. But, COVID-19 has lead to occasional shipping delays and other obstacles so you might consider booking even earlier.

The last thing you need to stress over is a wedding dress that has yet to arrive, so give yourself plenty of time for shipping and alterations. Call the bridal boutique you are considering to find out what types of delays they have been experiencing.

Unless you fit into the store sample sizes, your dress will be specially ordered for you. Once it arrives at the boutique, which can take anywhere from four to nine months, you will need to book an appointment for alterations. Most bridal salons have an in-house tailor that will help or they will be able to suggest a tailor to you.

A custom-designed wedding gown

Having a custom wedding gown can be a dream come true. But a custom gown requires a very specific vision and a lot of patience.

If you choose a custom design, know that it will take longer to get your gown so do not panic. Trust the designer and you will get the payoff you are looking for.

Choose your entourage

Your shopping companions can either make the shopping experience more enjoyable or add to the stress. Avoid making things more complicated by inviting only friends, family, and bridal party members that are honest but supportive.

Again, COVID-19 might mess with your plans. Call ahead and ask the bridal boutique what safety measures they are taking and whether or not they are limiting the number of people that can attend the appointment.

If numbers are limited to you and one other person, consider inviting the rest of the entourage to join you virtually. Collecting different opinions can be valuable so don’t give up on gathering them just because you can’t meet in person! Depending on the distancing measures in place where you live, consider hosting an outdoor brunch or cocktail party with those that were unable to attend the appointment. There are many ways you can still enjoy and celebrate this experience with your entourage!

2. Eight to ten months from your wedding date

If you haven’t purchased your dress yet, you should be doing so at this time. Once you order the gown, you are responsible for the deposit, which is typically over half the full dress price. If for some reason, you require a rush order, you may have to pay additional rush fees.

Now the waiting period begins. Once the dress arrives, you can make arrangements for alterations to the dress.

Remember, order the size for the body you have. Even if you plan to do lose weight or tone up, your wedding gown should be chosen for the way you look now. Dresses can always be taken in to accommodate moderate weight loss. But, when you order a smaller size, you risk not having a proper fit on your special day. Letting out a dress is much more difficult than taking one in.

3. Five to six months from your wedding date

Now is the time to start thinking about what you are going to wear with your wedding dress.

If you are planning to borrow some jewelry from a friend or family member, start trying these items on. Working your way through these smaller planning tasks will help you feel calm and organized as the day approaches.

Choose your undergarments

You are going to want to wear undergarments that suit the style of dress you have chosen.

Dark colors or patterned embellishments may be visible through the dress and serve a distraction. You will want undergarments that fit comfortably and do not produce visible lines. This is especially important when selecting a bra if needed.

If you are wearing a wedding gown that requires a strapless bra, try a variety and wear them for extended periods. Find one that is most comfortable and flattering. Avoid anything that tends to fold or roll, and anything too tight across your back. Remember, you want to be comfortable when walking down the aisle, eating, visiting, and dancing!

Your wedding dress is a significant investment and your undergarments should not get in the way of your picture-perfect beauty.

Find a pair of shoes

Perhaps you want to add a pop of bright color to your look or rock a pair of sky-high heels. Maybe your style is a little more casual and you’re thinking a kitten heel, wedge, or fancy flat.

Whatever shoe you choose, wear them before your wedding so you know that you won’t be in excruciating pain all day long. If you simply cannot pass for the stylish or cute heel, have a more comfortable pair on hand to slip into after the pictures are taken!

Select your jewelry and hair accessories

Do you want to wear a veil? Does your dress need a jeweled belt? These things should be decided around this time.

Have these items ready to try on with your dress when it arrives at the boutique. If you are not entirely sure what will work with your dress style, have the bridal consultants lend a hand. Most bridal shops have a variety of options on hand to try with your dress.

Once you have determined your hair accessories, you can decide on your other jewelry or vice versa.

Remember to consider the style of your wedding, the neckline of your gown, and the hairstyle you will choose for your wedding when choosing your accessories.

4. Three to four months from your wedding date

At this time, you will want to book your first wedding gown fitting.

For your gown fitting appointments, you will want to ensure that you bring your undergarments and shoes with you. This is important so that the tailor will see what length your gown should be and you can determine if your undergarments are appropriate for your dress choice.

At the first fitting, you may decide that you want to alter the look of your gown. Adding sleeves or changing the neckline are items that are frequently requested by brides at this first fitting.

You will want to find out what your bridal salon charges for alterations, as some may charge for each individual alteration. If you need major alterations, you can expect a hefty price tag due to the delicate nature of the fabrics. Simple alterations (such as a hem alternation) may cost $200-300.

If you have yet to choose your shoes, bring some shoes of similar height you plan to wear so that your gown is hemmed or let out to the correct length.

5. Six weeks to two months from your wedding date

At this point, your wedding is close enough for your second dress fitting.

The second dress fitting is to ensure that your dress fits like a glove. You will want to sit down in your gown, lift your arms over your head, and generally move around to get an idea of how it will move. You want to also look for any pulls, bunching, or areas that do not sit correctly on your body.

It is very important to be honest with your tailor about how you feel in your gown. Remember that you will be performing a variety of different activities during your wedding day. You want to be as comfortable sitting and eating as you are dancing and welcoming your guests.

6.One month before your wedding

Your wedding day will be here before you know it, and following this timeline has left you with only a few final items to cross off your checklist.

Book your final fitting

This fitting is designed for you to see how your gown is going to look on your wedding day. You will not need an entourage for this trip to the tailor, but consider bringing one special person to share the moment with you. It can be a profound experience!

Pick up your dress

Once your fittings are complete, your dress will be ready to be picked up. Store your dress in a safe spot, away from pets, children, and any other dangers, so that there are no surprises on the day of your wedding.

7. The day before your wedding

This is the best day to gather all of the things you will need for your wedding day. Pack a bag with some essentials: deodorant, lipstick or gloss for touch-ups, bobby pins, hair spray, mouthwash, bandages, and kleenex, and on the day, give these items to a trusted friend or your maid of honor for safekeeping.

You will want to gather your jewelry, shoes, and accessories to be brought wherever you are getting dressed.

You may want to borrow or buy a steamer to ensure that your dress is free of wrinkles.

An evolving timeline

Rarely does life go perfectly according to plan and because of this, you need to be a little bit flexible with your timeline. Give yourself as much room as you can!

Using the above guide to create a timeline can help move your preparations forward and help create a smooth wedding planning process.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you may find your timelines need to be especially flexible. Remember, you are not alone. Whether you are looking for couture wedding gowns in Chicago or visiting all the best bridal shops in Las Vegas, you will find compassionate and supportive consultants that can help you navigate these particularly complicated times. Do not be afraid to call and ask questions or seek clarifications.

At Viero Bridal, we understand how important it is to find the right dress. We have flagship stores in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, and New York full of stunning designer gowns at affordable prices. View our collections online and when you are ready, reach out to book an appointment. We are standing by and ready to help you find the perfect gown, for your perfect day!