Elegant Wedding Dress Styles for Getting Married in Las Vegas

Elegant Wedding Dress Styles for Getting Married in Las Vegas

If you are lucky enough to be getting married in Vegas, read on to see our choices for elegant dress styles for your big day

When you think of Las Vegas, two things probably come to mind: casinos and weddings. If you are visiting Las Vegas for a gambling trip, all we can do is say good luck. But, if you are planning a Vegas wedding and looking for an elegant style, you’ve come to the right place.

Las Vegas was once known for quickie weddings officiated by ‘Elvis’, and while you can still be married in a fun ceremony by the King of Rock and Roll, there are now endless options for weddings in Las Vegas.

Perhaps wedding dress shopping has got you confused already or you want some extra guidance before hitting a bridal boutique in Las Vegas

Fear not, we are here to guide you!

Whether your idea of elegance is couture and sleek, long and traditional, or short and sexy, Las Vegas is the perfect place to be married where you can express your own style in your choice of wedding gown.

What to consider when choosing a Vegas wedding dress

There are many factors to consider when selecting the best bridal gown for your Las Vegas wedding.

The Environment

While this isn’t likely to come as a big shock to most but it is worth mentioning all the same: Las Vegas is a desert.

This means that depending on the season, the temperature can reach over 90 degrees. So, those couture wedding gowns in New York that you tried on and fell in love with, may not translate. Before you decide that a dress is perfect, think about your own comfort on your big day!

The Venue

As with any wedding, you’ll want to think about the venue. This is particularly true for destination weddings.

Are you getting married at a ritzy hotel on the strip? Or you going really Vegas and getting married in a kitschy chapel?

While you can work any style into one of these spaces, you’ll want to think about what will be most appropriate.

Elegant Wedding Dress Styles for Getting Married in Las Vegas

The following wedding dress styles will provide the direction you need to nail that elegant look. Once you pinpoint the style that speaks to you, you can visit any shop, from the best bridal shops in New York to the best bridal shops in Los Angeles and find exactly what you are looking for.


The bohemian look may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about elegance, but when done right, boho is a stunner!

Comfortable, effortless, and pretty, boho dresses symbolize simple elegance.

Modern-day boho dresses are not your mother’s hippie dress from the sixties and seventies. Brides are turning to the style to match their understated wedding theme. Think of earthy colors and lots of flowers and natural surroundings.

With a boho style dress, your true silhouette is highlighted. You won’t have to worry about doing up corsets or tucking away crinolines (but they are also lovely!)

Look for fabrics that flow with your movement: embroidered cotton, crepe, silk crepe, crocheted lace, or voile.

Especially trendy, and extremely elegant are dresses that feature nude netting with a lace or crochet-look overlay.

If you choose an elegant boho-inspired gown, your color options will be in the white to ivory range. It is unlikely that you will find a boho dress with bright colors. But, odds are, if you want a boho dress, you aren’t looking for bold color anyway!

With a boho style wedding gown, the styles range from modest to extremely sexy. Long sleeves, ¾ length sleeves, and sleeveless are all commonly found with boho style dresses, so you have a variety of options for the weather (and your preference).
You may choose an open back, totally exposed, or covered with a bit of lacy detail, or choose something completely covered, leaving all the details to the front of the dress.

Understated and decidedly elegant, the boho-style dress pairs well with minimalistic makeup, and basic hairstyles such as braids or wispy, flowery ‘dos.

A boho dress for your Las Vegas wedding will complete your free-spirited theme and play perfectly with the desert climate of Nevada.

You can visit our Viero Bridal boutique in Las Vegas to see a range of options, or allow us to custom design the dress of your dreams.


With the sizzling heat of Vegas, you may find yourself thinking about a short bridal gown.

Short dress styles allow you to be both cool AND elegant!

One of the biggest benefits of a short wedding dress is the ability to move uninhibited. While you may not think about it in advance, you’ll be moving a lot on your wedding day. From walking down the aisle to posing for pictures and dancing the night away, you’ll be on the move.

Another benefit of wearing a short wedding gown is the opportunity to show off a great pair of shoes. You can also play up your hair, makeup, and jewelry while wearing a short dress.

If a short dress piques your fancy, you have plenty of options to choose from. You might want a body-hugging mini dress or a flouncy tea-length gown. Choose a white dress or something more colorful that you can wear again.

Short dresses are often seen as being less formal than long dresses but that is not necessarily the case. Depending on the cut and the accessories you choose, a short dress can be every bit as elegant as a floor-length gown.

Typically, a short dress means a more affordable dress.

Las Vegas has cooler nights, so you can always pair your dress with a stole, or even wear a tiered dress to bring your look from day to night.


If you are getting married in an unconventional venue, or, you just simply love being a little bold, choose a colored wedding gown.

Where better to buck the traditional and be playful with your wedding gown than Vegas?

The traditional white will always reign supreme, but brides everywhere are choosing colored wedding gowns more frequently than ever.

You may prefer muted colors like blush, or be ready to take the plunge in jewel-colored tones, you may even prefer to wear an ombre or black-hued gown; any color you choose, you will channel modern elegance.

A wedding dress in a bright hue has usually been reserved for edgier brides, so if you are wanting to wear a colored dress but fear being seen as over the top, you can choose from an array of soft pastel colors to fulfill your wedding dress dreams.

Choose from beautiful champagne or nude tones, ballet pink or blush, consider one of the year’s biggest trends and wear green in a muted mint.

Many of the dresses we are seeing in the muted tones are lavish and elegantly adorned with lace, tulle, layers, and jewels.

One of the biggest benefits of having a colored wedding dress is that it can be cheaper. You will still be a dazzling Vegas bride, at a fraction of the cost.

Your colorful gown will photograph beautifully, which is just one great reason to think outside the traditional box.

Don’t be afraid of looking too casual, you can find an elegant and beautiful couture gown or design one that suits your personality and style perfectly.

Off the Shoulder

Off the shoulder wedding gowns are very on trend at the moment, and for great reason. They fit any style of wedding, and suit any venue.

Off the shoulder looks can be sophisticated and pretty or elegant and modern. With this season’s trendy sleeved dress bordering on too hot for Las Vegas, you can wear a version of this look, while staying comfortably and stylishly cool.

The off the shoulder gown draws attention to the neck and shoulders, and depending on the level of modesty that you are comfortable with, your decolletage.

With an off the shoulder wedding gown, your options are endless. You can choose the length of sleeve, the style, and the embellishment (or lack thereof). You can choose to expose as much or as little that you would like, and choose a material that suits the style you are looking for.

Off the shoulder dresses range from modern elegance to traditionally feminine. No matter the venue for your wedding, or the style of wedding you are having, there is an off the shoulder dress that will suit.

Off the shoulder wedding gowns work with any silhouette and are ultra-flattering, making this style of dress perfect for any Las Vegas bride.


Las Vegas is known for its lights. You, too, can sparkle and shine in a gorgeous wedding gown. Dresses adorned with sequins, beads, and pearls have transformed dresses from simple silhouettes or elaborate ball gowns into shiny masterpieces.

You are not going to want to wear this style to a rustic wedding, sparkling dresses are perfect for chic and modern weddings and there is no shortage of opportunities to let your glam side loose in Las Vegas.

Sparkling dresses filled the runways at Bridal Fashion Week, with an ode to vintage elegance and bold glamor.

If you choose to be married in a sparkler, let your gown do the talking. Choose a simple bouquet, minimal jewelry, and clean makeup. Your photos will shine, and you will turn heads on your big day.

Let our experts help

At Viero Bridal, you can browse through our assortment of affordable and elegant bridal gowns at any one of our flagship bridal boutiques in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. We also offer handcrafted couture wedding gowns that will be designed by you with one of our experts.

Getting married in Las Vegas is a dream for many, and really, you should wear a wedding gown that makes you feel as fabulous and elegant as possible! It is your day, after all!

We want to help you create your fantasy. You have enough to plan with your venue, menu, flowers and creating a guest list — leave your perfect elegant dress to us.

Wedding Dress Trends 2020

Wedding Dress Trends 2020

We have the list of what you will want to wear on your big day!

You have your venue booked. You have an idea of the flowers you want. The next step, and the most exciting, is to buy your wedding dress.

We have scoped the latest wedding dress trends covering all tastes from couture to casual. We have seen the trends that emerged from Bridal Fashion Week and taken cues from our brides and experts in our best bridal shops from Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles to bring you only the best wedding dress trends for 2020!

If you are a bride planning a wedding in 2020, we have you covered.

Romance, fun, and whimsy seem to be the inspiration behind many of the dresses for this year, with some botanical prints and colorful gowns mixed in for good measure.

We are loving the fun bows, bare backs, and feathers. We have compiled a list of our favorite bridal dress trends for 2020, so read on to see what is hot and how you can wear it.

Ball Gowns

If you are looking for a little bit of drama, but a whole lot of romance, look no further than the ball gown style of wedding dress. Royal wedding fans will be happy to see this style remain strong in bridal trends.
Ball GownsThis silhouette works on most body types, so you can be sure to find a dress that fits your aesthetic. Try it in drapey silk for a dress that is reminiscent of Princess Diana, or choose satin and lace to be reminded of late 1940s glamor, like a young Queen Elizabeth.

You can find ball gowns in our Viero collection available at our bridal boutique in New York as well as those in Chicago, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles!

Open Back

From drapey cowl-back to plunging, barebacks are all the rage for 2020 brides.

Though the open back dress can seem risque, you can choose a dress to suit your own modesty level. Backless dresses can be elegant, with intricate and surprising details.
Open Back
The front is usually understated, but only because the back is the focal point. A bride will be making two entrances, one from the front, and another from the back.

A backless dress will be a great bit of interest to your guests who will be spending most of the ceremony staring at your back.

You can find many different styles to choose from: the lace-back option will cover almost all of your back, or a strappy version will add detail to the back of your gown. The open back style of gown works best with an updo and simple jewelry.

Flora and Fauna

Ultra-romantic and fanciful, we found florals and butterflies on every runway during bridal fashion week.

Bold florals and whimsical butterflies on bridal gowns offset the classic white and cream dresses. This welcome burst of color is suited to any bride looking to make a bold statement.
Flora and FaunaThe dresses are ethereal and romantic and fit in well for a spring or summer wedding. Floral and butterfly motif dresses are perfect for any venue or style of wedding, but really stand out at an outdoor wedding.

While some designers are covering the entire wedding gown in flowers or butterflies, some are choosing to simply line the neckline or bottom of dresses. The best part about floral wedding gowns is that they can work on any body type, and be adapted for any style of wedding.

From embroidered flowers to 3D butterflies, subtle to exuberant, these floral and butterfly wedding dresses are sure to stun your wedding guests.

Floral gowns can be found all over the country from the best bridal shops in Los Angeles to the best bridal shops in Chicago and New York.


It seems like 2020 is the year that designers have started to keep practicality in mind when creating wedding dresses.

Imagine finding your dream wedding dress, and then finding it has pockets, too? Pockets are being designed in wedding gowns to fit seamlessly, and they are not bulky or visible to anyone else but the bride. It even gives you a place to put your hands during photos.

They hold your lipstick and cellphone or a special keepsake you want to keep close on your special day. With pockets, you can leave the clutch at home — why worry about extra accessories if you don’t need to?

We saw pockets in almost every silhouette of gown, which means no matter the style of your wedding, you can wear pockets with your dress! Finally!


Corseted dresses have never really gone out of style.

The type of corsets may change, but bridal dresses with corsets are classic and timeless. This season, we are seeing exposed boning, but these aren’t your average corsets.

The corseted dresses of 2020 are sleek, and body-hugging, making for an elegant silhouette. We are seeing every type of dress style with a corset top, including corset tops with loose skirts and all over slim-fit dresses.

Corseted dresses are flattering on any body type, and fit any style of wedding. If you are looking for edgy glamor, a corseted dress is for you.


Feathers are everywhere in 2020, but we saw many of them on the skirts of wedding gowns.

We have seen everything from short, completely feathered skirts to long skirts with feathers adorning just slit of the skirt.
FeathersAny way feathers are applied, the dresses look hip, soft, and ethereal. We have seen mostly ostrich feathers, which provide the light, flowy feel you may want to achieve.

A feathered gown can be dressed up or down, from elegant to casual, luxe to rustic. Feathers can add dimension to sleek silhouettes, and feathers add whimsy and playfulness to any type of wedding dress.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the feather trend, but want to add some fun to your dress, there are feather accessories that can be added to any bridal outfit, like a feather cape, boa, or jewelry.

Blush and buff

When you are really looking for romance, turn to a blush pink or buff-colored wedding gown. You may be looking to wow your guests with a head-turner, or you may want to up your romance quotient, either way, blush or buff are the way to go.

The blush color varies from barely-there pink to bordering on bright pink. Choosing buff is a great way to change the color dynamic of your wedding as it is extremely versatile. Buff colored dresses can be rustic, suited perfectly for outdoor weddings, or weddings in a barn.

Alternatively, you may be looking to add some luxury to your wedding. Afterall, buff matches champagne, doesn’t it? Either color you choose, you are sure to turn heads in your colored dress.

Check out the blush and buff dresses available from Viero at our wedding dress boutiques in Chicago, New York, Los Angels, and Las Vegas.

Honorable mentions

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention a few other trends taking shape for 2020.

Wedding suits were seen on the runways during Bridal Fashion Week, and we loved the versatility and practicality of them. We have seen suits in colorful tones, suits worn with veils, and jackets that turn into mini dresses. From skirted suits to pants, wedding suits are an elegant alternative to the traditional gown.

Puffed sleeves are back! A nod to the 80s, puffed sleeves are making a comeback, and we are loving them. We are seeing off-the-shoulder, as well as sleeker versions of the puffed sleeves of yesteryear. These gowns are romantic and fashion-forward. Look for removable sleeves, if you aren’t ready to fully commit.

Sparkles have never really left the bridal gown world, but 2020 is the year of bling. This year, we are seeing beading, metallics, and sequins all over bridal gowns. The dresses are of any style, but the shine is on, flattering brides by adding a sparkly punch to their gown.

Whether you have an idea of what you are wanting for your wedding dress, or you need help deciding what style is best for you, we are here to help.

At Viero Bridal, we can help you choose a dress from one of our in-house lines at our flagship boutiques located in Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York City, or we can create a couture dream gown just for you.

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